Trust Company – Dreaming In Black And White

Hey guys! Thought i would let you know Trust Company have a new album it’s called Dreaming In Black And White……I first listened to this band back in 2002 the good old days when i was in a band. There first album was called The Lonely Position of Neutral. Really really good album checkit out 🙂 Head over to there myspace and check them out!!!

01. Close Your Eyes (Til It’s Over)
02. Heart In My Hands
03. Almost There
04. Stumbling
05. Reverse & Remember
06. Pulling You Down
07. Alone Again
08. Dreaming In Black & White
09. Letting Go
10. Skies Will Burn
11. We Are the Ones
12. Don’t Say Goodbye
13. Stumbling (Acoustic)