Warhammer 40k Dark Angels Set…

Hey guys just a quick update on my recent purchase 🙂 I have been into Warhammer for quite some time now. Mainly the Pc games such as Dawn of War, Dawn of War2, Chos Rising, Retributuion. I have been collecting the Horus Heresy books aswell. Also i have been collecting White Dwarf Magazine for some time now. The reason i started collecting White Dwarf was to get a feel for Starting my own miniature collection. Unfortunatly due to funds and me spending money on other things! I just didn’t get round to collecting/Painting any. Recently one of my good friends informed me he had started collecting Warhammer also. So i decided to give it ago.

I’m not the best at any form of art with a pen, pencil or paints. I think this is a major factor into why i didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something i might suck at. The fact that my friend has started collecting them gave me the push i needed. So i decided on this little set.

This is the Warhammer 40k Dark Angels paint set. It was only £20.00 and fortunately Love Film gave me a nice £15.00 Voucher. So i decided to take the leap. “I mean” it’s a low-cost and i can get a real feel for it. Also if i suck to bad at it at least i have only spend £20.00 on it.

A few days ago i visited the Games Workshop in Lincoln. The staff was more than helpful! The Guy in there sensed i was a noob straight away. He gave me lots of tips on painting etc and gave me lots of information on armies codexes. Fortunately i already knew quite a lot having subscribed to White Dwarf previous to my visit. All in all a great experience! So i hope my Warhammer adventure goes further and beyond

[Blessed is the mind too small for doubt]



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