Citadel Tool Kit

Here’s another addition to my new Citadel collection.

I decided to go for this because….. well its pretty much the ultimate modelling tool kit. Especially for all kinds of Citadel miniatures/models. Inside this amazing box there is one of every tool in the Citadel range. Each tool has it’s own Figure Case, which is specially cut foam to ensure that they do not move about during travel.

Inside you will find these tools:

– Plastic Cutters
– Hobby Knife
– Razor Saw
– Hobby Drill
– Sculpting Tool
– Metal Modelling Files
– Hobby Vice
– Cleanup Kit
– Emery Boards

Unfortunatly the price is pretty steep for some people. This toolkit comes in at around £80.00 on average. So its not for everyone! But if your like me and only Citadel will do its well worth the Money and collection value.

Warhammer 40k Dark Angels Set…

Hey guys just a quick update on my recent purchase 🙂 I have been into Warhammer for quite some time now. Mainly the Pc games such as Dawn of War, Dawn of War2, Chos Rising, Retributuion. I have been collecting the Horus Heresy books aswell. Also i have been collecting White Dwarf Magazine for some time now. The reason i started collecting White Dwarf was to get a feel for Starting my own miniature collection. Unfortunatly due to funds and me spending money on other things! I just didn’t get round to collecting/Painting any. Recently one of my good friends informed me he had started collecting Warhammer also. So i decided to give it ago.

I’m not the best at any form of art with a pen, pencil or paints. I think this is a major factor into why i didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something i might suck at. The fact that my friend has started collecting them gave me the push i needed. So i decided on this little set.

This is the Warhammer 40k Dark Angels paint set. It was only £20.00 and fortunately Love Film gave me a nice £15.00 Voucher. So i decided to take the leap. “I mean” it’s a low-cost and i can get a real feel for it. Also if i suck to bad at it at least i have only spend £20.00 on it.

A few days ago i visited the Games Workshop in Lincoln. The staff was more than helpful! The Guy in there sensed i was a noob straight away. He gave me lots of tips on painting etc and gave me lots of information on armies codexes. Fortunately i already knew quite a lot having subscribed to White Dwarf previous to my visit. All in all a great experience! So i hope my Warhammer adventure goes further and beyond

[Blessed is the mind too small for doubt]