Lamb of God – Resolution

I was very impressed with “Resolution“, as I have enjoyed Lamb Of God‘s music throughout, Wrath especially grabbed me, but this album was different. My favorite songs from the album are “King Me“, and “Desolation“. I love Lamb Of God‘s music, especially on Resolution. This album feels both very aggressive and also cerebral (from a lyrical p.o.v). My least favorite track would have to be “Straight For The Sun“, which starts out very heavy but then doesn’t really feel like there is much movement in the song after that, to me just kinda fizzles out in to the same sh*t. I love the acoustic intros and the heavy riffs throughout. Overall a great album…So all in all 1 crap song the rest amazing!

Customer rating on Resolution: 5 out of 5 stars

Trust Company – Dreaming In Black And White

Hey guys! Thought i would let you know Trust Company have a new album it’s called Dreaming In Black And White……I first listened to this band back in 2002 the good old days when i was in a band. There first album was called The Lonely Position of Neutral. Really really good album checkit out 🙂 Head over to there myspace and check them out!!!

01. Close Your Eyes (Til It’s Over)
02. Heart In My Hands
03. Almost There
04. Stumbling
05. Reverse & Remember
06. Pulling You Down
07. Alone Again
08. Dreaming In Black & White
09. Letting Go
10. Skies Will Burn
11. We Are the Ones
12. Don’t Say Goodbye
13. Stumbling (Acoustic)