The Afterman: Ascension

So i received my copy of The Afterman: Ascension a day after release! Which was annoying. I have probably listened to the album over 40 times already. haha! In the bath, on the toilet, at work and in bed. I have totally nailed this album. This being Coheed’s sixth studio album i wanted to love it as much as some of the others. Also that Josh Eppard (Drummer) had made his return to the band i was really hoping for something spectacular.

The album only has 9 tracks on unless you buy the iTunes version (annoying hate itunes!)  TBF the iTunes version only has 1 extra song and the rest are all demos. I decided to get both versions so i can really get the full feel for the album.

Previous to receiving the album i had already listened to Domino the Destitute like 100 times and watch the video a couple of time also. So if you include the intro and this song i literally only had like 7 songs to play with. To be honest i didn’t think 7 new songs and an intro were going to cut it.

I was wrong! Some of the songs really have a Good Apollo feel to it. Feels more story driven, much better vocals and great music all mixed well together. My favorite track has to be Key Entity Extraction III: Vic the Butcher. Not really sure why? My ears just wanna make love to it great, great song! and overall great album. Only have to wait until Febuary for the next installment The Afterman: Descension. Cant wait!


Verdict go buy it 5 stars!

5/5 stars